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Grounding and Earthing HandbookOur engineering manager David Stockin is the author of McGraw-Hill's Guide to UK Wiring Standards for Earthing & Bonding which discusses above-grade wiring issues and below-grade earthing issues related to electrical earthing and bonding.

Electrical Engineers HandbookE&S Earthing Solutions is the premier electrical earthing, and electrical safety consulting firm and contributors to the McGraw-Hill book "Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers" authoring chapter 24: "Earthing Systems" in the 16th Edition.

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What is the difference between neutral and earth wires?

Raymond asks, what is the difference between neutral and earth wires? Let’s start by getting the terminology down: The neutral wire or “earthed conductor” is a normally current-carrying conductor, similar in many ways to a phase wire in that it will carry the same amount of current in single phase system.  It is earthed (connected... Read More

What Are Some Typical Electrical Earthing Testing Procedures?

Mike asks, what types of preventative maintenance electrical earthing testing procedures do you recommend for electrical earthing systems and how often? Hi, Mike, thank you for your question regarding preventative maintenance procedures for earthing systems, it is our pleasure to help. In general, there are three (3) separate procedural items of concern for a facility... Read More
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