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10 Commandments of Earthing


  1. Thou shall NOT use Miller Box Soil Data.  Thou shall take good Wenner 4-point measurements
  2. Thou shall NOT use cheap meters to collect Wenner 4-point soil resistivity data. Thou shall only use direct-current (DC) induced polarization meters (IP); with A-spacing’s starting at 6-inches with an interval that increases no greater than 50% from spacing to spacing, and a maximum A-spacing that is greater than the earthing systems sphere of influence
  3. Thou shall NOT use apparent resistivity for your soil model. Thou shall use earthing software to run a least-square minimization algorithm, such as: the Steepest-Descent, Levenberg-Marquardt, Fletcher-Powel, G-Conjugate, Conjugate Gradients, or Simplex methodology
  4. Thou shall NOT have isolated earthing systems. Thou shall bond all your earthing systems together
  5. Thou shall NOT use earth enhancement materials, other than bentonite clay with a moisture delivery system to prevent the clay from drying; otherwise native soil only.
  6. Thou shall NOT use water pipe, building steel, steel rebar in the building foundation, gas pipes, and/or fire sprinkler risers, as a earthing electrode.  Thou shall have a dedicated copper earthing electrode system that is engineered to handle the likely electrical faults, objectionable currents, harmonics, and human safety issues found at your site
  7. Thou shall NOT forget to bond water pipe, building steel, steel rebar in the building foundation, gas pipes, fire sprinkler risers, to the earthing system at the first service disconnect to ensure they are at the same potential. For pipes thou shall make the bond within 5-ft of the building entrance
  8. Thou shall NOT use earthing software that only uses two (2) soil layers. Thou shall use software capable of calculating earthing systems in at least six (6) soil layers
  9. Thou shall NOT use software that only provides a blanket step and touch voltage across the entire area; Thou shall use software capable of calculating individual step and touch voltages at one-meter distances from any given object
  10. Thou shall NOT try to do hand-calculations when dealing with human safety in high-voltage environments (1,000 volts or greater) or pretend that you have the experience needed to deal with the complexity of earthing and earthing systems. Thou shall contact an engineering firm specializing in earthing and earthing

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